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Photoshop Deblur Filter

At the recent Adobe Max 2011 event, held in Los Angeles, Adobe demoed a new filter they have under production. The new feature seems to be able to deblur still images that are blurry due to camera shake. You can view the video here:

Use a Catch All Account

Traditionally, emails sent to an address that isn't setup would be bounced back to the sender. So an email sent to instead of would never reach you.
A catch-all email address is exactly what it sounds like: it captures every email sent at it. An Google Apps Account with catch-all enabled will 'forward' them to the specified catch-all email address; allowing you to always be aware of what is being sent.

Professional Photographers need a Professional Email Address

A common weakness in the business practices of many of the photographers that are signing up for a WedImg account is that lack of a 'real' business email.
It is 2011, yet I still see photographers operating legitimate businesses, with websites, that use '' or worst '' instead of something more professional like '' or ''.
So today I am going to show you how to set up your own personalized, professional domain email accounts with Google Apps for FREE! (« like a WedImg Photographer Account)

Why can't I pay for Ranking?

A lot of customers often ask us how to pay to be featured on They are often surprised when we tell them they can't. So we thought we might let everyone know a few reasons why we operate this way.

New Photographer Frontpage Layout

If you haven't visited our site lately, you may be pleasantly surprised to find we have a brand new frontage layout with new custom logos!

Uploading Your Portfolio is Now Easier

Some people have been asking how to upload images to their account.
We have recently made the upload process easier and, to help everyone out, we created this quick video to show how easy it now is!
Let us know if you still have any questions or suggestions.

*video after the jump*

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