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When is WedImg coming to __________?

Some of our twitter friends have been asking why our beta is released to North American Wedding Photographers only.
"Is this site for the US only?" and "Why isn't my city available?"
We plan for WedImg to be a worldwide website, but for beta purposes we decided to start close to home and spread outward.

So the short answer is, "Yes we are coming to your city!"

'When?' is a harder question to answer. We hope to be worldwide within the next couple months. Our current plan is to expand first to the UK, then Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, etc), then the rest of Europe, Asia and Africa.
But plans are made to be broken, so if you want us in your area first, leave a message here or send us a tweet!


jesus said...

I am a photographer in Spain, I reached your site, I am interested to know when you are ready to participate in my country.

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