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Proud Owners of was an idea long before it was a website. During the initial stages we went through hundreds of possible names and argued about what was the best. Then, after much deliberation, we decided on
'Wed' was, obviously, short for wedding and 'Img' is HTML shorthand for image. We were elated that we were so witty and that our domain was only 6 characters (great for twitter).

However, their was a problem. Our name had a major flaw. It was to geeky.
You see, although 'img' is known in technology as and HTML tag, the regular population (read:'brides') didn't associate image with 'img'.

Our user tests showed time and time again that when asked to visit 'wed image dot com' people would type in ''. #majorFail

So for the last couple weeks we have decided to man up and spend some money to purchase '' from its owner. Finally, now that the dust has settled and the domain is setup and ready to go, we are proud to announce the domain is live. Now you can reach us by typing '', '', '' & ''.

We are proud to own the entire family, and hope it helps us better service you.

#LearnWithUs: Own the right domains early.


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