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WedImg Now Allows Listings in Multiple Cities

Photographers, we have heard your cry for the ability to list your business in multiple cities and have responded. Photographers now have the option to add multiple city listings to their account.

When WedImg was created, the vision was to allow photographers to distinguish themselves, in their area, through quality photography. We wanted to do away with the business model that allows lousy photographers to pay their way to top results. We also wanted to ensure that the user experience for a couple was not tainted by photographers from all over the world fighting for their attention.

The idea was simple: Allow a couple to find the best photographer in their area and budget. To do this, we limited photographers to only posting in their home/primary city.

However, we have heard the demand for multiple cities, and have realized that photographers are often not bond to one specific location they serve. Also, in areas with multiple cities in close proximity, we wanted to provide an option to be represented in every location served.

Finally, in order to ensure that photographers do not list themselves in cities that they do not have real business ties to, we are charging for additional cities added to the account. Pricing for the additional cities is:
1 City: Will always be free
1 Free City + 1 Additional City: $5/month
1 Free City + 5 Additional City: $20/month
1 Free City + 10 Additional City: $30/month
1 Free City + 20 Additional City: $50/month

This is subject to change but, we believe, this provides the functionality required, keeps the accounts affordable, and yet puts up a barrier to competitors spamming themselves in every city.

We would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and user stories. Please leave a message below, contact us at, via twitter, Facebook or Get Satisfaction.

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